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SC Johnson - Canada

Our Canadian head office is in Brantford, Ontario – a city one hour southwest of Toronto, situated along the Grand River in the heart of Golden Horseshoe region. The Brantford facility is home to the Sales and Marketing teams, corporate functions including Finance, HR and Supply Chain and a zero-waste manufacturing plant which produces Glade® products. Other facilities in Canada include a Sales office in beautiful Montréal, Quebec and neighboring zero waste manufacturing plant in Varennes, Quebec, which produces millions of Ziploc® bags per year.

Brantford, Ontario

The SC Johnson Canada office is in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brantford, Ontario. Opened in 1920, we are still located at the original Brantford site where we were founded 103 years ago. There are 250 employees working at the site from various functions including, Sales, Finance, Customer Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, Engineering, Safety Health and Environment, Product Supply, Manufacturing, Quality, Procurement, Supply Planning, Demand Planning, and Global Safety Assessment & Regulatory Affairs. You will find a team of employees with diverse backgrounds who work collaboratively together.  We are a Global candle center of excellence, and we produce a variety of air care products for export. The products we currently manufacture at this facility include soaps, Glade Candles, and Glade Melts.

brantford team gathered outside
brantford office building
brantford campus


The products that we manufacture in this facility get delivered all over North America and Latin America, as well as Australia and New Zealand. We are a 100% zero waste to landfill site. You will notice that we do not have garbage bins at our desks. Each employee is responsible for sorting their waste appropriately in the designated bins at the end of the day. Our state-of-the-art, fully-refurbished offices feature inspiring design that highlights the legacy of SC Johnson and the Johnson family. 


  • Company Store
  • Subsidized Cafeteria
  • Onsite Recreation Center
  • Onsite Massage Therapy
  • Fitness Classes offered onsite
  • Access to bus routes
  • Outdoor workplaces
  • Access to our private resort in Muskoka all year round


The SC Johnson office in Varennes is a factory plant that is highly automated and manufactures Ziploc® bags for the North American markets. Located only 20 minutes from Montreal, there is a taxi service in place to pick up employees who request it from the Longueuil metro station to the factory and vice versa. The factory operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We have a focus on excellent teamwork with the common goal of making the best possible products. Process knowledge and operations are our priority but having fun is also important at this location.  There is a family atmosphere and a lot of activities organized by the social committee.  All production employees have a CDD (college degree diploma), CDC (college degree certificate) or PDD (professional degree diploma).

production team


Our factory is recognized for its cleanliness, safe environment and its comfort (air conditioning). Production employees work 12-hour shifts (day and night). The schedule is stable for the year and is spread over 5 weeks (this is really appreciated by the people there, because they have the possibility of taking 10 consecutive days of leave regularly during the year).


  • Onsite Gym
  • Company Store
  • Clean, air-conditioned, safe factory
  • Outdoor terrace area
  • Micro Market
  • 12-hour day/night schedule based on 5 weeks


The SC Johnson Montreal Sales Satellite Office is found in a modern, industrial style building with lots of light. It is a closed office concept, and it is located in an area that is easily accessible for the people from the North, East and West of Montreal. The business functions present here are the Sales Account Management teams for Metro, Sobeys, Dollarama and Jean-Coutu. At the Montreal office, you will find an energized and passionate team that works as one unit.

montreal office


  • Onsite Parking
  • Onsite Gym
  • Close to restaurants
  • Flexible Summer Schedule work week with Friday afternoons off 
  • Conveniently located close to many stores

SC Johnson Canada Locations


    1 Webster St Brantford, ON N3T 5R1 Canada


    4435, Marie-Victorin CP 2800 Varennes, QC J3X 1T6 Canada


    1350 Mazurette local 211 Montreal, QC H4N-1H2 Canada