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Chicago, Illinois

Our South Side Soapbox (SSSB) factory in the Pullman Park district in the south side of Chicago houses our manufacturing and bottling operations and serves as a distribution center for both Method® and Ecover®. Team members who bring our products to life, from crafting our bubble formulas all the way through to the process of sending our suds out the door, call this facility home. Learn more about one team member’s journey at the SSSB here.


The Pullman Park district was chosen for our factory site because of its rich history as one of America’s first, model industrial towns. We built our plant close to existing public transportation options, so most team members can get here by bus or train.

employee walking in the manufacturing plant
employees on the production line

SC Johnson Lifestyle Brands - South Side Soap Box

  • Chicago, Illinois

    720 E. 111 St. CHICAGO, IL 60628 United States of America


on site wind mill

Our facility is the industry’s first LEED-Platinum certified plant, setting new standards for manufacturing of soap. Our 230-foot wind turbine generates enough electricity to supply half of the building's annual electrical consumption. Urban agriculture company Gotham Greens maintains 75,000 square feet of our roof as a commercial-scale greenhouse, producing about 500 tons of fresh, premium quality, pesticide-free produce annually for the local community and surrounding retail and restaurant markets.


Our plant also features a 1,520-square-foot rooftop canopy (that means green plants growing on the actual roof, not in the greenhouse), which helps us decrease energy use, improve urban air quality and reduce stormwater runoff, resulting in less stress on public sewer systems. Three 35x35 ft. solar tracking trees are permanently parked in our plant’s parking lot.

south side soap box campus

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