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The words below from our guiding principles shape who we are as a company and how we work with others — starting from the very beginning. As we seek out the best talent to join the SC Johnson family, we work to bring this sentiment to life throughout our process. We appreciate that our candidates are also our valued consumers. We’re committed to ensuring that the recruitment experience matches the legacy of quality and trust that we’ve established with our innovative products.

When you consider a career at SC Johnson, our teams treat you with respect and integrity, and work hard to ensure the recruitment process is as fair and as efficient as possible.

Please review the details below for information on the stages of our recruitment process.

“The goodwill of the people is the only enduring thing in business. It is the sole substance. The rest is shadow.”

— Herbert F. Johnson Sr., 1927

Headshot of Herbert Fisk Johnson Sr.


Explore opportunities by keyword, category or location to find roles that match your experiences and interests. We’ll make sure each job posting is written clearly to give an accurate representation of what the role entails.

We’ll share details about our family company, the department you’ll be working for, the comprehensive benefits and the development opportunities you can expect.

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Please be aware: Fraudulent employment scams target job seekers via emails or websites with unauthorized job openings and may request confidential, personal information or payment. To protect yourself, please note the following about the SC Johnson recruitment process:

  • Legitimate roles open to external candidates at SC Johnson will be posted on In some cases, we may contract with an approved third party to fill production or specialized roles.
  • We will only collect personal information through secure applications/platforms or via an SC Johnson employee with an email address ending in who has been trained to handle confidential information.
  • We will never request payment at any point in the recruitment process.

If you believe you've encountered a fraudulent job posting for a career at SC Johnson, please notify us.


Once you’ve identified the role you’re interested in, create an account and complete our online application. You’ll upload a resume, share your work experience and answer a few brief application questions.

If you have to take a break from the application, we’ll save a draft of the information you’ve already entered so you can pick up where you left off.

We diligently review applications to find candidates with the background and experiences that will make them successful in a career at SC Johnson.


At SC Johnson, we take pride in a fair and transparent recruitment process which at its core is guided by human expertise and insight. We harness technology where appropriate to enhance our talent acquisition process, which may include the use of generative AI functionality. But we do not utilize generative AI in key recruitment stages such as application or resume review, screening, assessment, and final selection. We believe this approach allows us better to understand each candidate’s unique strengths, experiences, and potential and ultimately advances our company goal of fostering an environment of equal opportunity and inclusivity. Join us in helping to shape the future of a company committed to a dynamic and inclusive workforce.


As soon as we’ve identified candidates who will be moving on in the process, you’ll receive a notification from our Global Talent Acquisition team. While we strive to provide feedback within 10 business days, we appreciate your patience, as roles may receive a high number of applications that need to be thoughtfully reviewed.

At any point in the process, you can sign into the Candidate Portal to review your application status.

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We do our best to keep the interview process as simple as possible.

In most cases, this means:

  • One phone interview to discuss your professional background and career aspirations as well as to provide more detailed information on the role
  • An in-person or live video interview day when you’ll meet the hiring manager and members of an interview panel

During our interviews, we ask candidates to respond to questions using the STAR method. STAR stands for situation, task, action and result of the situation – please be prepared to discuss each when you respond to interview questions.

We understand that as much as we’re looking to learn more about you during the interview process, you’re getting to know us too. We’ll make sure there’s time for you to ask questions you have about the role, the team, future career opportunities and more. In cases where we have to conduct an interview remotely, we’ll be sure to provide an opportunity for you to visit the office location during the process.

interviewee meeting the team


We’ll provide as much notice and flexibility as possible when scheduling interviews. We like to keep the process moving along at this stage, so we’ll strive to provide a two-day notice for phone and live video interview requests and three- to five-day notice for on-site interviews, depending on the amount of travel necessary.

After your interviews are complete, we will keep in touch with updates as the process moves along. Please look for initial outreach from your recruiter two to three business days after your interview. We will follow up to let the successful candidate know the interview process is complete within seven days.


After the completion of the interview process, SC Johnson teams will work quickly to finalize the details of your offer for employment. In most cases, we’re able to provide you with an offer within three days, while some complex roles may require additional time.

We do our best to communicate offers clearly and provide transparent information on any questions you may have.

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Once you’ve accepted an employment offer from SC Johnson, our teams ensure all pre-hire process steps are completed and necessary documentation is collected prior to your first day.

We’ll work with you and your hiring manager to determine your start date. There may be a few weeks before your first official day as part of our family company, but we’ll stay connected to keep you updated on the latest happenings at SC Johnson. We’ll also work with your hiring manager to make introductions to your team members so you can start building connections with key contacts.

scj new hire paperwork and calendar


We pride ourselves on the ability to welcome people into our SCJ Family. We have a robust New Hire Orientation program that employees attend on day one at the company, followed by continued onboarding support to ensure you have a successful start at SCJ.


On day one, employees attend a full day orientation session that reviews the history of SC Johnson, current global initiatives, and the future vision of the company. You’ll also experience our legacy first-hand through a guided tour of our historic campus. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into our values and purpose as a company, our brand and product portfolio, and how we are At Work for a Better World.


We believe onboarding doesn’t end after day one or even day thirty. That’s why we provide continuous learning opportunities to help you navigate your first few weeks and months at SCJ. You’ll receive ongoing training through our learning platform as well as functional onboarding to help you settle into your specific team and role. In addition, we’ll help you learn about the different functions within our company and introduce you to employee programs to help you make the most of the opportunities SCJ offers.

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We appreciate honesty about your experiences at each stage of the recruitment process and use your feedback to improve and enhance our programs.

Keep an eye out for a candidate survey or send us feedback.