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have to wait to make an

At SC Johnson, we believe everyone can make an impact, including recent graduates and interns.

Our college recruiting, internship and recent graduate programs are a vital part of SC Johnson's growth and plans for the future. We actively recruit in colleges and universities across the country as well as top collegiate conferences. These in-person career events are a great way for you to get to know us and vice versa. Choosing a post-college career is a big decision, which is why we’re here to answer any questions you have or share our personal experiences and reasons for joining..

Internships at SC Johnson are designed for maximum impact and reward. Though each department is tailored to the field of study, we’ve built all our programs to be hands-on, challenging, meaningful and fun. An SC Johnson internship prepares you for working here and the world beyond.

Learn more about our recent graduate and internship programs in the areas below:

  • Marketing

    SC Johnson’s brands find a home in 99 million households in the United States alone. As an SC Johnson marketer, you’ll have a chance to touch millions of families while helping build leading brands such as Glade®, Pledge®, OFF!®, Raid® and more.

  • Recruiting

    Our on-campus recruiting programs for Marketing include receptions, presentations, interviewing workshops and mock interviews at these schools:

    MBA Recruiting:

    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • Cornell University
    • University of Michigan
    • Northwestern University

    Undergrad Recruiting:

    • Cornell University
    • University of Michigan


    • The Consortium

    Check with the career services office at your school to find out when we will be on campus. Then, stop by one of our events to learn more about the exciting opportunities that SC Johnson has to offer.

    In addition, we welcome students from other schools to inquire about our opportunities as well. If we don't actively recruit at your school and you have an interest in SC Johnson, click on the link at right and submit your resume for consideration.

    A Day in the Life

    You’ve explored classic brand management case studies in class, but it’s even more interesting to hear first hand the real-life experiences of the people involved in bringing a product to market. That’s why every year we invite a select number of candidates to our office or an inside look at the SC Johnson Marketer's broad role and responsibilities.

    Candidates spend a "Day in the Life," hearing from and talking one-on-one with the people who have propelled us to market leadership.

    Interview Workshop and Mock Interviews

    The marketing team at SC Johnson also sponsors mock interviews and interview workshops on the campuses of our key recruiting schools:

    • Hear pointers on what and what not to do during interviews and a preview of the questions you may be asked.
    • Practice and hone your interviewing skills before you begin your "real" interviews.
    • Receive feedback from our SC Johnson marketers on how you did and suggestions for improvement.


    A Marketing Internship as SC Johnson will provide you with the opportunity to be involved in the planning and executing all phases of the business which will include continuing the build the long – term strategic plan ensuring the continued success and growth of our brands

    Great Projects, Great Products

    Intern assignments are designed to be instructive, challenging and rewarding. They reflect a balance of strategic initiatives and tactical elements, analysis and creative development. Here’s a sample project list:

    • Redesign the consumer activity cycle, lead cross-functional brainstorm to identify need gaps, work with R&D to find current technologies/products that can address need gaps and develop concepts for new product ideas
    • Conduct an in-depth analysis of a key competitor
    • Manage promotion budget for new product launch including creative development
    • Participate in media planning and advertising copy development for new product launch

    Exposure and Opportunities

    High levels of exposure to the people and culture at SC Johnson is important to successful internships. A few of the things we do to help integrate Interns into the company are:

    • Informal brown bag lunches with Business Vice Presidents and other senior execs
    • Lunch & Learn case studies that provide insight into the "SCJ Way" and marketing best practices, while exposing interns to other product divisions and managers
    • Category Manager Sponsor Groups
    • Peer Advisor Program
    • Professional Development Training

    Structured workshops and informal, interactive sessions taught from a Marketing perspective provide SC Johnson interns with relevant training that can be immediately applied to projects.


    Don't worry, even with all of that training and responsibility for key projects, you will still find time to relax and have fun. In fact, SC Johnson makes sure of it by organizing and sponsoring social events that provide great exposure to the Milwaukee/Racine/Chicago area.

    Undergraduate Program

    SC Johnson's Undergraduate Marketing Program is a comprehensive training and work experience program designed to prepare recent college graduates for the position of Assistant Brand Manager.

    You’ll start with one year of Sales training followed by four months of new hire training and orientation. During training, you'll learn how each function operates, the issues and challenges they face, and how their responsibilities interrelate with other functions in the organization.

    You’ll start your career with SC Johnson in a one-year Sales assignment at one of our three field office locations; Cincinnati, OH, Minneapolis, MN, or Rogers, AR. Following the Sales assignment, you will return to a position as Sr. Associate in the Marketing organization. Following the Sr. Associate assignment in Marketing, you will transition into an Associate Manager, Marketing role. The result of this unique training program is that you are well prepared to contribute to the organization quickly once you start the brand assignment.

    New hire training includes involvement in:

    • Market research
    • Product research and development
    • Product supply
    • Packaging
    • Advertising and promotion
    • Finance

    Successful Marketing Assistants are then appointed to the position of Assistant Brand Manager, with typical MBA entry-level responsibilities.

    Here is a graphic overview of the undergrad program:

    What’s It Like?

    Here’s what some past participants have to say.

    "I've learned so much from this program, and I have much more responsibility than I anticipated. SC Johnson really believes in assigning responsibility from day one, giving you your own projects, and letting you take your ideas and run with them. The Undergrad Marketing Program is also great for leadership skill development."

    - Jamie, Marketing Assistant

    "This program is an outstanding opportunity for undergraduates to catapult themselves into a field that's normally reserved for people with MBAs. What I found most useful was understanding the products and understanding our business from a retailer's perspective and a trade perspective before entering marketing. As a marketer, you have to address the needs of retailers as well as end users, and I learned how to develop programs that meet those different needs."

    - Sean, Category Manager

    "We're one of the only companies that recruits undergrads for marketing, and it really is a unique experience. With the cross-functional training, I spent four months working and training in all areas of the company. That gave me a huge leg up relative to some of the MBAs because I knew who to call to get things done. You really get to understand manufacturing, lead times, production runs, labor, and research from the researcher's perspective not the marketing perspective. It's an eye-opening experience."

    - Maggie, Associate Brand Manager
  • Sales

    World-class Sales groups like SC Johnson’s are critical business partners with major retailers, working together to help increase sales and reach consumers. It’s about analytical thinking, creative promotion, shopper insights and more. And at SC Johnson, you get to do it all while selling some of the most innovative products in our industry, such as Scrubbing Bubbles®, Glade®, OFF!® and Ziploc®.

  • Internships

    Along with full-time opportunities, SC Johnson has opportunities each summer for internships in the Sales organization. The summer intern position is a preview of SC Johnson's entry level Sales position, Key Account Manager. This is an excellent opportunity to receive field training in Sales. Strong candidates have the opportunity for permanent positions in our Sales organization upon graduation.

    Undergraduate Program

    The entry position for undergraduates in SC Johnson Sales is the Key Account Manager position. In it, you’ll gain immediate responsibility as part of a key account team responsible for ensuring that our products are well represented in a geographic area.

    New associates receive extensive field training as they sell promotions at the retail level and develop presentations for key customers. From here, there are multiple avenues for career progression, including a more senior Key Account Manager position, Sales Technology or a variety of Sales Management roles.

    Whether your Sales career path leads you to our headquarters location in Racine, Wisconsin, moves you across the country, or to one of over 70 international subsidiaries, you will find opportunities abound in the sales organization.

  • Finance & Accounting

    If you’re a numbers person, you know: experience adds up. And at SC Johnson, we offer ample opportunities to gain experience and grow in your career. Many members of the Finance and Accounting teams at SC Johnson began their career as interns and opted to join the company full time.

  • Recruiting

    Our on-campus recruiting programs for Finance and Accounting include receptions and presentations at the following schools and conferences.

    School Recruiting

    • Cornell University
    • University of Chicago
    • University of Wisconsin – Madison


    • National Black MBA Association
    • The Consortium

    Check with the career services office at your school to find out when we will be on campus. Then, stop by one of our events to learn more about the exciting opportunities that SC Johnson has to offer.

    In addition, we welcome students from other schools to inquire about our opportunities as well. If we don't actively recruit at your school and you have an interest in SC Johnson, click on the link at right and submit your resume for consideration.

    Graduate Recruiting Schedule

    • September – October - Information sessions and full-time interviews
    • January – February - Summer internship interviews and office visits

    Undergraduate Recruiting

    • September – October - Information sessions, full-time interviews and summer internship interviews


    Our intern program offers great opportunities to Finance and Accounting MBAs and BBAs who are interested in a summer filled with challenges and fun.

    Many members of the Finance and Accounting teams at SC Johnson began their career as interns and opted to join the company full time.

    The Program

    We offer project-based internships in a variety of areas. Each project is created to address the current issues that are influencing the company or industry, so you can be assured that your efforts will have a meaningful impact on our business.

    Within your assignment, we aim to provide you an opportunity to:

    • Apply theory to real world issues
    • Gain experience you can reapply back at school
    • Develop your critical thinking skills
    • Enhance your communication skills by sharing your results with senior-level employees
    • Get to know the SC Johnson culture and people

    At SC Johnson, we believe that we have a world class internship program and therefore heavily recruit well-performing interns for full-time positions.

    Performance Review

    Interns report to a manager within the Finance organization who has the responsibility to provide you with challenging assignments and projects, guidance and feedback on your work and on-the-job training. Your manager will also make sure that you not only understand what you need to do, but why it needs to be done.


    You’ll interact with other people in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing or RD&E. You'll find that the people you work with will take the time to teach, explain and get to know you. You'll be able to learn from them why they chose to join the SC Johnson family and what it means to be an employee at SC Johnson.


    • Dinners with Finance employees of all levels
    • A series of interactive Lunch-n-Learns with a variety of Finance executives
    • Annual intern event sponsored by the Vice President of Corporate Control
    • Outings and other fun


    • Competitive salary
    • Mentoring program
    • Subsidized apartment in Racine or nearby Milwaukee furnished with just about everything you'll need.
    • Use of SC Johnson's world class recreation and fitness center (including softball fields, volleyball courts, driving range and a swimming pool)
    • Summer hours program on Friday afternoons, offering the opportunity to begin your weekend a little early


    Question: I want to be able to have a career where I can be instrumental in the decision-making process and not just a "number cruncher." Will SC Johnson provide an opportunity for me to do this?

    Answer: Absolutely! In fact, we take great pride in having developed an organizational structure where our Finance and Accounting employees are a strategic business partner with all functional groups within the organization. How do we do that? In most cases, our Finance and Accounting employees are working side-by-side with cross-functional groups such as Marketing, Sales,Manufacturing and RD&E on a daily basis. As a result, our business partners depend on their Finance/Accounting personnel to provide guidance and leadership on making smart decisions that are in the best interest for the long-term health of the organization.

    Question: I noticed you talked about rotating through various areas in order to gain a broad range of experiences early in your career. How long do employees typically spend in each role?

    Answer: While there is no magic number for how long you stay in each job, typically employees will rotate positions every two to three years. We feel that the first year in your position provides an opportunity for you to fully learn the business and by the second and third year you will have the skills to make a lasting impact on the group.

    Question: What does a typical career path look like?

    Answer: At SC Johnson, you have the ability to shape your career rather than have a predetermined path chosen for you. Keeping in mind that no two careers are exactly the same, here are some examples of career paths that some of our current employees are on:

    • Direct hire from undergraduate program
    • Direct hire from MBA program
    • Experienced Hire Career Path

    Question: I'm interested in your internship program. When someone is selected for the program, how do you determine the assignment they are given?

    Answer: The first thing we do is develop a list of projects for interns to work on. None of the projects are the same from year-to-year because projects are developed to tackle current business needs. Once the project list is in place, intern candidates have an opportunity to review the projects and rate their top choices. We then assign a project to you based on a combination of your desires, skills and fit within the organization.


    At SC Johnson, we're focused on innovation. We invest in it. We support it. We win with it. That's why an opportunity with SC Johnson is an opportunity to create great products that help families around the globe. And with winning brands like Pledge®, Baygon®, Windex®, OFF!® and Ziploc®, we have many opportunities for new products for every part of the home.

  • Recruiting

    College recruiting is an important part of our commitment to finding the great people to create our great products. That's why we offer a variety of internships, co-op and full-time opportunities.

    On-Campus Recruiting Programs

    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • University of Michigan
    • Michigan State University
    • Michigan Tech
    • Rochester Institute of Technology

    Our college recruiting team will be glad to explain the various opportunities available and share with you some of their personal experiences and reasons for joining SC Johnson.

    If you're at one of the schools above, check with the career services office to find out when we will be on campus. Then, stop by one of our events to learn more about the exciting opportunities that SC Johnson has to offer.

    In addition, we welcome students from other schools to inquire about our opportunities as well. If we don't actively recruit at your school and you have an interest in SC Johnson, you can still click on the link at right and submit your resume for consideration.

    On Campus Presentations

    During our on-campus presentations, you’ll learn more about Research, Development and Engineering at SC Johnson. We’ll provide insight to how we develop our innovative products.You’ll have the chance to meet one-on-one with chemical engineers and mechanical engineers and ask questions about their experiences working with consumer products. You’ll also learn about the employment opportunities available at SC Johnson.

    On-Campus Interviews

    Our recruiters work closely with the career placement center of each school to identify candidates and to schedule interviews.

    Disciplines that we target include Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Packaging Engineers and Chemists.

    All interested candidates should contact career placement services to find out which criteria are necessary for a student to qualify for on-campus interviews with our company.


    • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
    • National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers


    An RD&E Co-op or Internship at SC Johnson not only gives you a chance to learn about consumer products, it also offers an opportunity to work with other functions within and outside of RD&E. You’ll learn how each function contributes to the development of a product, from innovation to ideation to marketing.

    RD&E Co-op or Intern

    During on-campus recruiting, we recruit interns from the following disciplines:

    • Product Research
    • Chemistry majors
    • Chemical Engineering majors
    • Process Development
    • Mechanical Engineering majors
    • Package Development
    • Packaging Engineering majors
    • RD&E Co-Op and Intern Opportunities

    Product Research

    For Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Students:

    Work as part of a team with others in Process Development, Package Development, Manufacturing and Marketing to develop innovative technology and launch new products.

    Project assignments might contribute to the following areas:

    • Development of innovative formulations and new product ideas.
    • Development of base technical capabilities that enable new products.
    • Provide creative troubleshooting assistance to US and international Manufacturing.

    Process Development

    For Chemical Engineering Students:

    You’ll get a project in the Process Development Department and will work with others in Package Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing. Project assignments might contribute to the following areas:

    • Develop innovative processes and scale-up from bench to pilot plant to production.
    • Coordinate pilot plant operations including design and selection of pilot plant equipment for new products.
    • Design experiments for process optimization.
    • Provide creative troubleshooting assistance to manufacturing.

    For Mechanical Engineering Students:

    You’ll be a member of the Home Storage RD&E team in support of process development initiatives for the United States and emerging overseas markets. Under the direction of a senior engineer, you’ll take part in the design, development and implementation of highly specialized machinery and converting process equipment for the unique needs of the bags, wraps and containers. You’ll work both independently and as a part of a multifunctional team with others in Marketing, Manufacturing and RD&E. Example of initial assignments include:

    Design and implement specialized equipment to automate a manual production operation.Design/select fabrication methods for prototype products to be tested with consumersDesign equipment to prepare prototype of a new product design.


    For Package Engineering Students:

    Assignments consist of entire projects and major elements that can be completed during the internship. The main focus is being on evaluating packaging components such as bottles, closures, triggers, labels, cans and corrugates.

    Project assignments might contribute to the following areas:

    • Assist in the qualification process of blow-molded packaging components
    • Evaluate packaging materials for existing products and new products.
    • Plan and conduct tests that compare packaging materials.
    • Work with suppliers to source packaging components.

    Internship FAQ's

    Question: What will I earn?

    Answer: Starting salaries are very competitive and are based on your degree level.

    Question: What will I receive in the form of reimbursements?

    Answer: You will be reimbursed for expenses related to your initial trip from school to Racine or Bay City, and then your return trip back to school at the conclusion of your internship. The exclusion to this would be the shipment of any household goods, since we do provide fully-furnished apartments.

    Question: Does SC Johnson provide housing assistance?

    Answer: Yes, we provide housing assistance to students at a subsidized rate, and the apartments are located in Milwaukee, WI. All apartments are fully-furnished and include basic utilities, cable, and a parking spot.

    Question: What's available to help me feel "at home" at SC Johnson?

    Answer: There are numerous social, networking, and community service events scheduled throughout your internship so that you can become more engaged with SCJ and the community. There will also be a few all-intern events, so that you can meet and network with interns in functions outside of RD&E.

    Throughout your internship, you will have 4 levels of support: HR, a Manager, a Technical Mentor, and a Peer Mentor. All of these individuals are available to help get you acclimated, and to provide you with all of the tools you need to have a successful, and rewarding internship experience.

    Question: How will I know how I'm doing?

    At the beginning of your internship, you will set goals/objectives and a project(s) timeline that you can use throughout your internship to ensure you are on track, and completing your goals/objectives.

    Throughout the internship, you will have weekly to bi-weekly touch points with your manager, where you will have the opportunity to update them on your projects, and also to ask for feedback on your performance. In addition, you will have touch points with HR throughout the internship to provide feedback, and also request feedback as well.

    At the end of your internship, you will go through a performance review with your manager, where you will be rated against the goals/objectives you set with your manager on Day 1. All interns are required to present their projects at the end of the internship at our Poster Fair. This is a time for you to engage with executive leaders, and the broader RD&E population, and discuss what you’ve accomplished during your internship.

    Question: What other information should I be aware of as a Co-op or Intern Student?

    Answer: You are eligible for all company holidays that fall during your work period but are not eligible for vacation. (Special requests should be directed to your manager and HR) Summer interns are eligible to participate in the Summer Hours program.You will be required to sign a Secrecy agreement, before you begin working on your project(s).


    It’s not enough to have great products. To win in our industry you also have to be the best at making them and getting them on shelves around the world. That’s where Manufacturing, Customer Service and Logistics comes in, and it brings great career opportunities.

  • Internships

    Each summer, SC Johnson hires engineering students from a variety of disciplines and universities. These students are assigned to specific organizational units and handle assignments closely related to their majors, allowing interns to apply theoretical principles learned in the classroom to the practical working environment.

    Interns are assigned entire projects and major project elements which can be completed during the summer, giving students the opportunity to see the results of their work. Experienced engineers assist in project direction and are a communication and information source both inside and outside the company.

    The Summer Intern Program is one of SC Johnson's methods for recruiting and hiring new engineering graduates.

    Undergraduate Program

    We offer excellent opportunities for newly graduated and experienced Industrial, Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Engineers. Our new hires are immediately involved in project assignments with responsibility to design and develop new and improved systems that optimize productivity and efficiency utilizing state-of-the- art technologies and techniques.

    SC Johnson engineers have outstanding opportunities for personal and career development. In addition to skill development programs, our leading-edge training programs ensure that our engineers remain current in applicable process technology. Learn more.

    Engineers may choose to remain in their profession and progress upward through the technical career ladder. Or, pursue a cross-functional assignment in other technical areas. Or, you can aim for management opportunities in staff or line functions in either the United States or international operations

  • Information Technology

    We believe so strongly in the connection between information technology and business results, we named the function to reflect it. At SC Johnson, it’s not just the IT department, it’s Business Process and Technology, or BPT.

  • Recruiting

    College recruiting is an important part of SC Johnson's growth and plans for the future. It could be an important part of your future, too! If you are still in college and pursuing an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science or a related degree, we have internship opportunities available.

    Join us at career fairs, presentations and on-site interviews as our college recruiting team visits select campuses. The team will gladly explain opportunities available and share personal experiences and reasons for joining SC Johnson's IT Internship Program.

    Campus Visits

    We visit campuses such as:

    • University of Wisconsin – Parkside
    • University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
    • We also have a strong partnership with INROADS.

    Recruiting Schedule

    Early October: Campus Visits

    • Learn more about our IT department – what we call Business Process & Technology – including the state-of-the-art technologies we use to support our global systems.
    • Meet one-on-one with BPT specialists and ask questions about their experiences working at SC Johnson.
    • Learn more about our high-caliber internship opportunities – both summer and year-round.

    Mid- to Late-October: On-Campus Interviews

    • Interested candidates should contact their school's career placement services department for criteria needed to qualify for on-campus interviews with our company. Candidates must be pursuing a Management Information Systems, Computer Science or related degree.
    • Our College Recruiting Team works with the career placement centers at each school to identify candidates and schedule interviews. Internship offers are made in the weeks that follow.

    Mid- to Late-May

    • Both summer and year-round internships begin at SC Johnson.


    Our goal is to attract high-caliber collegiate talent within the IT field and provide challenging opportunities to develop their technical and professional skills through real-world experience.

    SC Johnson interns have exposure to multiple positions within our global IT department – what we call Business Process & Technology, or BPT. Our summer and year-round internships offer competitive wages, subsidized housing, training and opportunities for permanent employment.

    "My SC Johnson internship offered me meaningful work experience with significant responsibility, as I owned the delivery of my projects. Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet many people; the relationships I started as an intern continue to help me guide my career path as a full-time SC Johnson employee." – Roxanna, Analyst

    Why We Stand Out

    We asked interns who became permanent employees why they chose to be part of the SC Johnson team early in their careers. Here's a summary of what they said. See how our opportunities differ from others.

    Lots of Variety: Interns generally rotate through a range of technology specializations ranging from state-of-the art applications, to web development, to databases, to infrastructure and networks

    Career Control: The employee development process emphasizes long-term career planning and refinement of technical and professional skills.

    Exciting Projects: From your first day at SC Johnson, you're working on real technology challenges and developing skills.

    Personal Visibility: While we emphasize teamwork, we also recognize individual contributions. You'll have good contact with senior management at both the technology and corporate levels.

    Friendships and Fun: In an atmosphere where people treat each other with dignity and respect, good things happen. You'll build relationships, not only with the Information Technology team but with people throughout the company.

    Hands-on Opportunities

    Our Internship Program has a variety of opportunities and assignments. Some examples include:

    • Test script automation for a global function
    • Contractor training and security web application enhancement
    • E-commerce client self-service web tool support
    • Global-use feasibility studies
    • Global trade monies management support
    • Global bandwidth projects
    • Desktop support
    • Website maintenance and enhancements
    • Database development and support
    • ERP support
    • Application deployment
    • Data reporting

    Beyond the Norm

    In addition to learning opportunities and project assignments, we offer distinct enrichment activities for SC Johnson interns that help them build skills that are always in demand. These include training and education, team building, mentoring and community service.

    Some examples include:

    • Presentation Advantage: A program to expand interns' formal presentation skills
    • Executive Interaction: Opportunities to meet and network with technology executives
    • Project Management: Training on how to develop high-quality, detailed project plans
    • Social Activities: Outings, networking events and fun!
    • Mentoring: Pairing SC Johnson technology professionals with interns to assist with career questions and development
    • Community Involvement: Options to take part in local volunteer activities
    • Global Exposure: Participation in the operations of an international organization within a worldwide company
we are part of Something larger.

Sam Johnson
4th generation SC Johnson leader

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