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We have a rigorous performance management process designed to ensure that all employees get the input they need to grow professionally through the three phases set out below. This process ensures that individual goals are aligned with the organization's strategic goals and the priorities of the employee's business function as it is integral for people to connect with our strategy and purpose.

Its three phases include:

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    Goal Setting

    Employees work with their managers to set SMART goals aligned with the broader SCJ strategy.

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    Feedback and Coaching

    Managers provide employees with ongoing feedback throughout the year and discuss what did or didn't work.

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    Performance Review

    Managers sit down with employees to review their fiscal year performance and goals.

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Career and Individual Development Planning

Employees formulate an Individual Development Plan (IDP) based on their manager’s input and coaching. By creating a development plan, people can share their career goals with their leader and other stakeholders who are committed to seeing them succeed. IDPs can identify new roles, skills or experiences the individual wants to attain.